Vow of Silence

I am silenced,
My mouth stitched shut.
And my throat burns
With the unspoken words.
My heart strains
At the injustice
Which no one else
Seems to see.
My tongue itch
To shout, to call out.
My hands reach out
To tear the stitches on my mouth.
And I stop.
I remember.
I remember the hands
That sew my mouth shut.
My own hands,
My own handwork, this silencing.
And I remember why.
My words falling on deaf ears,
And when not caused unrest,
And I became the problem.
My words against injustice
Were perceived a greater evil.
I was tried and judged guilty,
And my punishment, this vow of silence.
I remember.
I remember the pain, the tears.
My hands stuck mid way to my mouth
One more time I give up.