Icarus, young and full of life,
In the labyrinth of his father’s own design.
Icarus, craving for freedom,
Of the world outside, of a free man’s life.
“Icarus, my son,”
Says his father,
“Take these wings, fly to freedom”
Icarus, stunned with awe,
Forgets his father’s warnings.
“Icarus, heed these words,
Don’t fly too close to sun, nor to the sea.”
Icarus, eyes full of wonder,
Taking off,
Flight to freedom, life and joy.
Icarus, with the wind in his wings,
Flew too far, flew too high.
Icarus, eyes full of horror,
Saw the feathers fall off his wings.
Icarus, flapping bare hands,
To the sea below, waves reaching up for him.
Icarus, too young to die,
And sea gulls cried, of a father’s lament.

Footnote: In the loving memory of the friend who left us too early, you still live on in our hearts, in those memories you have granted us. Missing you. And wishing you knew what you meant for me.

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