There they stood in the room.
Hand in hand.
Doors closed shut.
Isolated from the world.
Then started the banging.
The shouting.
A mob on the other side of the doors.
Religion. Castes. Complexes. Ego.
The world outside in turmoil.
Hateful screams.
Threats to disown.
To be isolated.
But the couple inside were not afraid.
They had each other,
And an eternity to love and live.
All the clamor outside was lost,
As the two lovers took their vows.
To love till the end of time.
To be with each other in good and ill.
To fight, to live, and to survive.
The world outside roared in outrage.
And the couple inside kissed.
And marked the start of their little infinity.


-To my brother and the love of his life. May you two have a wonderful journey ahead. Enjoy your little infinity.


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