He sat there, in the window seat,
The dark world outside, a real treat.
Wind blew on his face and his hair,
As he watched the stars in the sky, here and there.
Trees and rocks and buildings all fell behind,
As the past memories started to play in his mind.
All those memories once so sweet,
Brought a sad little smile to his lips.
All those days forever lost to the hate
Brought from his eyes salty little drops.

Sitting there in the dark, he felt all alone,
The will to live all but gone.
He felt so blind, groping in the dark,
Like one of those left behind by the Ark.
Wind screamed in his ears that he was doomed,
Waiting for his demise, the darkness loomed.
But he was not alone in this fight
Across the sky, the stars were strewn
And following him all this way, never out of sight,
There in the sky, shone the moon.


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