Oh sweet child, this you must know.
My dear boy, there is no superhero.
Sorry to have your dreams broken,
I never wanted to see you so shaken.
But this you must know,
That there is no superhero.

You accuse me for taking away your hopes,
Pushing you down ungentle slopes.
Branding the hopelessness into your mind,
Making you walk alone and blind.
But all is not lost my little lad,
You will find light, a reason to be glad.

Make up your mind, choose a mask,
Be a knight of dawn or dusk.
Have a cape wrapped around your shoulder,
Like your superhero who can lift a boulder.
Wear an armor like the knights of your tales
Those with swords and the mighty flails.

‘Why should I dress up like a superhero’ you yell at me,
‘You said there are none’, your voice a plea
Hear me lad, let me rephrase.
Your superheros, all so grace
They don’t exist, oh my dear
This is a burden you must bear.

Look at your kin, your little sister,
Her superheros too exists only in a poster.
Or may be not, there could be one,
To bring light to her life, like her own sun.
That could be you, my dear boy
A real superhero, not a toy.


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