-This poem I wrote sometime in October/November 2014. It is based on a manga/anime character, one of my favorites.


In the pale light of the moon,
The corpses had a ghostly gleam.
“Your time will come too soon”
They seemed to scream.
There he stood, in midst of dead
All their screams echoing in his head.

All those dead, he used to know,
His family and friends- his kin.
His teacher who gave him his bow,
And the stable boy with that lazy grin.
And the landlord, fat and gall,
With his own hands, he killed them all.

Kinslayer will become his name,
A barbed crown he never wished for,
His honor and glory, all put to shame,
All this he did for an oath he swore,
To fight for justice and greater good.
Amidst the dead, he stood, bathed in blood

All his clan he killed, save for one-
His brother, a boy of eight,
Stood in a corner, too dazed to run.
Bathed in the pale moonlight,
The two brothers stared at each other,
Between them lies their dead father.

“Hate me brother, and remember this night,
When you are strong and ready to fight,
Come, seek me for your revenge,
For all these dead, you shall avenge.
We shall meet as deadly foes,
A fight to death, to answer your woes.”

And then he turned and left.
He ran and ran, ever so deft,
Tears streaked down his chin
As he ran while weeping for his sin,
For he had done the worst.
In the eyes of men and gods, he was cursed.


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