Remembering Icarus

Icarus, son.
How long before our eyes run dry?
We still drown,
In the ocean of tears.
But we live on.
Icarus, brother,
What of the promises you made?
We see your shadow,
At every turn of life.
And we keep walking.
Icarus, friend,
When will we see your smile again?
The void you left behind,
The memories.
We smile.
Icarus, love,
Where are you now?
Beyond my reach.
Forever so.
I mourn with each breath I take.

Remembering Icarus,
But you were never forgotten.

Two years. It has been two years since you left us all. And it still pains. True, we have learnt to cope with it, most of the time, but there are moments when it all breaks apart. I miss you.


The Fall

There is an emptiness inside me,
A chasm with no bottom,
And I fall,
The dark sky above growing ever more distant,
The stars winked out,
The moon, where is my moon?
And I fall, and I fall
And I hear the stifled sobs,
The onrush of tears – a deluge,
And I fall, drenched in tears.
I hear the thunder – a deafening roar
Of dreams broken,
And I fall and I fall,
The broken pieces cutting into my limbs.
A whisper of promises,
Uttered ages ago.
As meaningless as an infant’s babble.
And I fall and I fall,
Forever blind, forever lost.


Surrounded by crumpled papers
Bearing failed attempts,
He sat,
And in his hands smeared with ink,
His work, his masterpiece.
A story of a battle
Long fought, and lost.
An apology to all wrongs,
Real and imagined.
A song of love,
And grief – for they seemed inseparable.
A eulogy for dreams,
Dead and dying.
A letter, for the world,
Empty of accusations.
His eyes, once full of wonder,
Running through the lines,
A satisfied smile on his lips,
He carefully sets down
His work, his masterpiece.
Come morning, he is found
Surrounded by crumpled papers.
Take note of the masterpiece,
On the table,
Before eyes shift to his hands,
Smeared red,
And the pool of blood on the floor.

The Wanderer

For ages he walked,
The wanderer,
Weighed down by the guilt and the Mark
That branded him kinslayer,
Murderer of his blood, his brother.

Cursed, he was
And his clan, his kin,
And maddened, he was
With the guilt of his.

For ages he walked,
A mere puppet,
A small chapter in the grand plan.

For ages he walked,
The wanderer.
And once he was dead
He joined Lucifer
In the innermost ring of Hell.

And the Grand Puppeteer,
Content in his heavens,
Getting ready for the next chapter,
To see through His Grand plan.

For ages he walked,
One of the many who sinned,
All according to His plan.

Vow of Silence

I am silenced,
My mouth stitched shut.
And my throat burns
With the unspoken words.
My heart strains
At the injustice
Which no one else
Seems to see.
My tongue itch
To shout, to call out.
My hands reach out
To tear the stitches on my mouth.
And I stop.
I remember.
I remember the hands
That sew my mouth shut.
My own hands,
My own handwork, this silencing.
And I remember why.
My words falling on deaf ears,
And when not caused unrest,
And I became the problem.
My words against injustice
Were perceived a greater evil.
I was tried and judged guilty,
And my punishment, this vow of silence.
I remember.
I remember the pain, the tears.
My hands stuck mid way to my mouth
One more time I give up.

The Nutcase



“How are you? How have you been?”


“Huh. What sort of answer is that?”

*shrugs* “What about it?”

“I mean, why state the obvious? Why not say, like, ‘I am fine’ or something?”

“Well, for one, I didn’t feel like lying. Because me saying ‘I am fine’ sounds like a lie to myself. Because I am not fine.”

“What happened? Everything alright?”

“Yeah no. I am fine, but I am not. I am happy, yet I am not. What I am sad about? A lot of things. Big and small. I am sad that I am putting aside what I want to do to do what I have to do, for one. For another, I am sad at the fact that thousands of people, children, die every day of hunger. I am sad that I won’t get to read all those books that will be out after I am dead. Hell, I probably won’t even be able to complete my to-read list. I am sad that there are so many hardships in this world, so much despair. And hope too, yes, but hope is like a two edged sword, you know what I mean? I am sad that I am sad about so many things. I am sad that no one really gets me. You get me?”

*sighs* “All this for a ‘how are you’. You are a nutcase”

*smiles ruefully* “To quote you, ‘why state the obvious?’”